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Continued: How to Develop a Winning Attitude

2. Belief - "They can because they think they can"-Virgil. You will only make $100,000 this year if you first believe you can.  If you do not believe you can you are telling yourself you want it, but it is truly not obtainable.  The truth of life is that man's limits are self imposed by what the mind is given to believe.  If you expand your belief of your own abilities, you will also expand your true realm of accomplishment.  A man of whom all are aware, lived his life with adversity, but he constantly believed he could achieve.

* Failed in business at age 31
* Was defeated in a legislative race at age 32
* Failed again in business at age 34
* Overcome death of sweetheart at age 35
* Had a nervous breakdown at age 36
* Lost an election at age 38
* Lost a congressional race at age 43
* Lost a congressional race at age 46
* Lost a congressional race at age 48
* Lost a Senatorial race at age 55
* Failed to become Vice President at age 56
* Lost a Senatorial race at age 58
* Was elected President of the United States at age 60

With all the adversity that faced him, President Abraham
Lincoln had no reason to continually try other than the fact
that he believed it was his destiny and measure of success to
accomplish this task.

"Man is what believes" -Anton Checkhov
3. Strategy - A strategy is your game plan of life.  The road map you will use to accomplish your goals, ambitions and desires.  Just to believe you can earn $100,000 a year is not enough, you must design a strategy that gives your life direction and navigates you toward success.  The key to strategy is to design  a proper strategy to achieve your success without the detours of life, to find the shortest distance between two

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